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My grandfather Karl Frisbie worked for John McCone who was JFK's CIA Director & in 1964 when iWas conceived there was a BIG effort by the CIA to get RFK discredited.

After the country of IRAN directly tweeted me.... I got a LOT of extra surveillance 

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They wanted to stop him from seeking investigations into his brother's murder & wanted to prevent him from being able to run for President.

Sharyn Bovat has been exposing issues that are important to the DOD for many years. In 2009 she was outed as being a former CIA researcher by NISSAN a foreign company that feared she'd use her connections to expose massive fraud with the NISSAN Leaf.  A NISSAN exec put her name in a global computer system as the corporations #2 security threat.  Sharyn Bovat at the time was just a relocation consultant.  After being cyberly outed people connected to Colin Powell have used her to expose problems in the intelligence community. Today Sharyn Bovat lives in fear. 

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Now I Know the Known Unknown is Known I Just Can't Know 

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